Used Refrigerators

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Buying a refrigerator can be an expensive purchase, but there are ways to lower the cost. You have the option of buying a refrigerator new, used, refurbished, or renting one. There are other factors to think about as well, things like brand, style, and size. The most popular brands include names like GE, Whirlpool, LG, Kenmore, and Kitchen Aid and they all carry different styles of refrigerators.  As you begin to look around you will notice there are ones with French style doors, side by side doors with a freezer underneath, a standard two section with the freezer on top, and they all come in different sizes measured in cu. ft.

There are benefits to buying new and used but the main factor is price. If you are looking to save money on your next refrigerator buying a used fridge will be your best option. Renting one can add up after a while, and buying new will end up costing your hundreds of dollars. But, with every benefit there could be a downside. For example, buying a used refrigerator that is over ten years old could up about a 1/3 more electricity than a newer model.

When buying a used refrigerator you the chance of it breaking down is greater than buying a new one. Some retailers will offer warranties and there are warranty programs you can purchase online if this is a valid concern to you.  If it happens to break you can often replace the broken part. Or you can hire a professional who is familiar with fridge repair to fix the problem. Always research the company and model of fridge you are purchasing. Read reviews, research cost of parts, and see if a warranty is available.

There are several places you can buy second-hand and used refrigerators. The best place to begin look is online on eBay, craigslist, and other classified sites. The benefit of craigslist and other classified sites is you can view the product in person before you purchase it because they are based on your city. Whether you are in Los Angeles, Long Beach, Houston, New Jersey, Atlanta, Chicago, or other smaller towns there will be a section on craigslist for you.  It is a good idea to meet in a public place if possible and to bring someone else with you to view the product.  On eBay you will find a long list of available refrigerators for sale, used and new.  The only problem is that you may have to pay for shipping; it is possible to find some sellers offering free shipping. You can also check local second hand and thrift stores. They will often carry appliances, including refrigerators, at very good prices. You can even plug them and test them before you purchase.

Types of Used Fridges

There are three main types of refrigerators: commercial residential and industrial. You can find all used fridges in each of these types. Some may be easier to locate than others, but it is possible.

Used Commercial Refrigerators
You will find these commonly used in restaurants and other small businesses. You can find these through classifieds sites, eBay, and newspaper. As businesses upgrade to newer options they will try to sell their used fridges. This could be a great way to save money if you are in need or a commercial refrigerator. You can get some great deals if some businesses go out of business because they will try to liquidate all their appliances to gain some extra cash. View More Info
Used Residential Refrigerators
These are fridges you will find in your home. As we mentioned above, they are easy to find and there is usually a wide variety of used residential refrigerators. They can range from mini fridges, to bar refrigerators, kitchen refrigerators, all the way to wine fridges. The most popular being two doors with a freezer on top, freezer on bottom, and French door style with two vertical doors. Some of the biggest manufacturers are LS, Whirlpool, and Samsung. View More Info
Used Industrial Refrigerators
You will often find these available for sale when a company goes out of business. They will sell off a lot of their assets, including commercial refrigerators. These will typically be business deal with manufacturing and processing food like ice companies, food plants, and even chemical companies. To find these you can search local classified sites and the newspaper. View More Info

Used Floral Refrigerators
Floral fridges are commonly used in businesses selling flowers. There are many types of floral refrigerators and they all range in their uses. You can save loads of money by buying floral refrigerators used. They will help keep your flowers resher for longer peroids of time. View More Info

Used Propane Refrigerators
Propane refrigerators are a great type of refrigerator to use because they run propane. This gives them many benefits that you can not get with other types of refrigerators. Buying used propane refrigerators will save you a lot of money when comapred to buying them new. View More Info

There are many reasons people sell their refrigerators. They could be upgrading, moving, remodeling, or need a bigger fridge. No matter what the reason, it provides you an opportunity to save money. When buying used, it is important to read up in the model you purchase. Rad reviews online, research how easy it will be to fix it does break down, if there is a warranty available and determine how much money you are saving by buying used.  As long you as are careful with your research you are bound to save money on your used refrigerator.