Used Commercial Refrigerators

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Commercial refrigerators can be very costly and are a great appliance to buy used.  You will often find commercial refrigerators used in small businesses like restaurants, liquor stores, other shops selling food and drinks items, even the medical field will use commercial refrigerators. There are numerous types of commercial refrigerators available and with a number of options. You have under the counter fridge, freezers, ice makers, under bar, deli and display cases, display fridges, food prep work top and under counter fridge units, blast chillers, milk coolers for schools, walk-in in coolers, ice cream freezers, outdoor recreation and medical refrigerator unites. They all have options of stainless steel, glass doors, adjustable shelves, wire shelves, and different cu. ft.

If you are starting a business or expanding and need more refrigerators, buying used is a good way to save some money especially when money is tight. Your capital is important and saving money can keep your business going.  There are several ways to be able to buy used commercial refrigerators with the most common being online. You can browse your local Penny Saver, craigslist, and eBay for people selling their used refrigerators.  When businesses go out of business or upgrade to bigger units they will try to sell their used appliances to raise some extra money. This will give you the opportunity to get some good deals on used commercial refrigerators for sale.

Types of Used Commercial Refrigerators

There are many types of commercial refrigerators all ranging for certain uses. Below we list the most popular types used in today’s market.

Deli and Display Cases

Deli RefrigeratorThese are available as a non-refrigerated option for bakery goods and other food items that do not need to be refrigerated.  These are very common fridges in restaurants, delis, and other places selling pre-made food items that need to be kept cold before being served to customers. They are typically made of stainless steel with a glass front for the customer to be able to see the items for sale.


Display Merchandise Fridges

Used Display Merchandise RefrigeratorSimilar to the deli and display cases they are usually used to display drinks available for purchase. They are usually vertical with glass doors and can display drinks and other items for the customer to easily choose what they would like to purchase. You will find these in liquor stores, restaurants, bakeries, donut shops, and other food shops and stores.


Glass Door Restaurant Refrigerators

Glass Door Restaurant RefrigeratorsThese are a widely popular refrigerator to be used in restaurants because they allow the chef or cook to easily see what is in the fridge. They are constructed with stainless steel and have a glass door to allow the cook to conveniently see what items are in the fridge before opening the door.  They come in a number of sizes for and offer a variety of cu. ft. to make it perfect for your business.


Medical And Scientific Refrigerators

Used Medical and Scientific RefrigeratorHaving accurate and correct tempters is very important to labs and hospitals. Storing chemicals, vaccines, and drugs at incorrect temperatures can lead to ineffective drugs and ruin any test that may be in progress. Some options that are available on medical and scientific refrigerators are locking doors, and alarms. This ensures that your drugs and vaccines will remain safe.  They are available in many sizes and cu. ft. to conveniently fit in your lab or hospital.


Worktop Prep Tables With Under-Counter Refrigerator

Prep Table Under Counter RefrigeratorWidely popular in restaurants these prep tables are perfect because they allow cooks and chefs to store food items under their prep station for fast and convenient access. This allows for a streamlined cooking environment to allow chefs and cooks to make your food with quality and in a timely fashion.  They are often constructed with stainless steel giving them a clean and durable surface.


Other types may include: under the counter fridge, freezers, ice makers, under bar, blast chillers, milk coolers for schools, walk-in in coolers, ice cream freezers, and outdoor recreation units.

Popular brands of commercial refrigerators include: Barr, Hobart, Summit, Viking, Artic Air, Tor Rey, Continental, Norpole, and Traulsen.