Used Floral Refrigerators and Coolers

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When people think of refrigerators and how they are used, they do not think about how the floral industry utilizes them.  When flowers are cut and on display they need to stay as fresh as possible until they are sold. To do this florist and businesses selling flowers keep them in water but they will also use floral refrigerators and coolers to keep them cold. By keeping them in a cold environment you slow the blooming and wilting process of the flower. You will often find used floral coolers and refrigerators used in flower shops, grocery stores, supermarkets, and other places selling flowers.

There are two main types of floral coolers ranging from display refrigerators and floral walk-in coolers. The coolers are similar to the walk-in industrial refrigerators but they are used to store flowers before they are made into bouquets, delivered, or available for sale. The floral display cases are refrigerated cases that will keep the flowers cool while they are on display to be purchased. Both types come in different sizes depending on how many flowers you will be storing and keeping on display. They also have accurate temperature and humidity control because it directly affects the quality of the flower.

Floral refrigerators and coolers can be expensive which why buying them used can save you bundles of money. Depending on what type you are purchasing they can cost you hundreds to thousands of dollars. To find them used you will need to search local classifieds listings. Websites like Penny Saver, eBay, and craigslist can help you find floral refrigerators for sale in your area. You can find used appliance stores or used refrigerator stores like Like most used commercial refrigerators you will find these for sell in used condition when other businesses go out of business or upgrade to a larger refrigerator or cooler.

Types Of Used Floral Coolers and Refrigerators

Walk-In Floral Coolers

Walk-in Used Floral CoolersWalk-in refrigerators come in a few different styles, depending on what you want or need. Some will come with glass doors and walls to allow the customer to see the flowers from the outside. They will have doors for you to be able to walk in to view and touch the flowers. Some are called Line ups and will be in a line creating a wall with doors for you to open and pick up a flower without having to fully walk in. Island coolers are available as well, they are circle or octagon shaped coolers with doors on the walls for easy access.

Another type of walk-in cooler is different from the rest because it is not constructed with glass. It is similar to a walk-in commercial refrigerator you see in grocery stores. It is a solid room that is built for flower storage. Often flowers that are waiting for delivery, or are not yet for sell will be stored in these types of coolers.  These are often made for indoor or outdoor storage and come with a lock on the front door.

Floral Display Refrigerators

Display Floral RefrigeratorThese refrigerators are found in most floral shops, grocery stores, supermarkets, and other places selling flowers. They are available as upright refrigerators, which can come with several doors, typically 1 to 5, or an open faced sitting refrigerator.

The upright refrigerators will have glass doors to allow the customer to easily view the flowers while keeping them at the correct temperature.  Depending on the size they can several doors and are made from materials ranging from stainless steel, wood, and painted metal. They will have several shelves for stacked displaying and can range in size, width, length, and other dimensions.

The open coolers create a cool environment but cannot regulate the temperature as accurately as the upright refrigerators. They are not fully enclosed like their counterpart, but offer excellent viewing by the customer and give an easy hands on feel. These are used for flowers that are available for immediate purchasing. Some will even have water flowing on the bottom to keep the flowers fresher until they are sold.

There are many different choices in materials and sizes. You can find used floral coolers made with wood, metal, stainless steel, glass and other materials.  They all offer different features such as, mirrored back, agro lighting, temperature and humidity control, wire shelving, metal shelving, baffled airflow, and more. To find what you need and want can take some searching but with the wide variety of materials and options you are sure to find something eventually.

Popular brands include: Oasis, Bush, True, and SRC.