Used RV Refrigerators

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One of the biggest benefits of traveling and camping in an RV is having a refrigerator to keep your food cool and fresh for long periods of time.  You avoid the hassle of dealing with coolers and ice with a refrigerator. By having a refrigerator in your RV you can enjoy your vacation without worrying about keeping your food and drinks cold. There are many models, makes, and options when you are choosing your RV and refrigerator.  You want to be sure you purchase a refrigerator that will provide you and your family with enough storage to keep all your food fresh for your entire trip. You also have the option of purchasing one with a freezer to keep some food fresher for longer periods of time. They come in wide ranges of cu. ft. and sizes making it possible to find a fridge for any size motorhome.

There are a numbers of reasons why you will need to purchase a new RV fridge. If you’re old one goes out, you want to upgrade, or you buy an RV without a refrigerator in it. As you begin to look you will notice that the price range from hundreds to thousands of dollars.  The price will depend on the voltage, size (cu. ft. and dimensions), brand, and quality.  One way to save money on your RV refrigerator is to buy it used. By purchasing a used refrigerator you can save hundreds of dollars off the full retail price.

Where To Buy a Used RV Refrigerator

There are many places to buy a RV refrigerator in used condition and your options can change depending on your location. You have options like online classifieds website, online selling services, appliance stores, RV parts dealers and RV retailers.  The models and options available will always change depending on how many people in your area are selling refrigerators.

To begin your search it is easiest to look online on sites like,, and These are classified sites designed for people to buy and sell used and new goods locally. By searching these sites you will find anyone selling any used RV refrigerators in your area. The problem with buying used refrigerators from another person and not a business is the fact that you may not be able to get a warranty on the fridge.  Although, you may not be offered a warranty it is still possible to purchase one on sites such as

Another website you can try searching is because they allow anyone to sell new and used goods worldwide. If you are unable to find a used RV refrigerator you will almost always be able to find one on eBay. A benefit to purchasing a used refrigerator for your RV on eBay is that you may be able to purchase a warranty with it, if you are buying from a retailer.

Another option is to look for local appliance, RV retailers, and RV parts dealers in your area. Try calling them before driving over to view their inventory.  They will often carry new and used RV refrigerators available for sale.  Some of them may be refurbished, which means they were broken and repaired to working condition, but are often sold with a warranty to protect you against any future fridge failure.

If all else fails you can try fixing it yourself or contacting motorhome refrigerators companies like Norcold, Domestic, and Engel to see if they have any used or discounted models for sale. They will sometimes carry old refrigerators that were sent in under warranty or old models that they couldn’t sell. If you want to fix it yourself, try to locate the problem with the fridge. Once you do, you can find a used parts dealer and attempt to fix it yourself, if successful this will save you loads of money. It is important to remember that gas or propane RV refrigerators use ammonia to keep the fridge cold and should not be repaired by yourself unless you have extensive knowledge of refrigerator repair. Lastly, finding a repair man to fix or rebuild the refrigerator can save you money, but buying a used motorhome refrigerator may be cheaper at this point. Always price out your options.

What To Look For When Buying Used

When you buy a used RV refrigerator there are a few things you want to look for, with the most important being that you should always test before making a purchase. By plugging in the refrigerator and testing it before you purchase you save yourself from buying a broken fridge or one that is on its way of becoming broken. This is important because if it is running and sounds like it is struggling chances are it will soon break down, and could be why the person is selling it.  You will also want to ask for any paperwork and documentation that came with the refrigerator. This gives you information on the refrigerator you may need at a later time.  Lastly, you want to check for cosmetic damage. If the refrigerator looks dented, dirty, or banged around, chances are the owner did not take very good care of the item. This is a red flag that it may be on its way to becoming broken. If you are covered by warranty then this may not be an issue, but it something to be aware of.

How A RV Refrigerator Works

Some of the older refrigerators run on ammonia gas but most of the new refrigerators now run on electricity or propane.  The electric refrigerators run on 12 volts or 120 volts and use a non-flammable chemical called, Freon, as their refrigerant. They rely on fans, motors and compressors to keep the refrigerator cold. The gas refrigerators run on propane or a compressed hydrogen gas and an ammonia-water solution.  They use no moving parts, unlike the electric option, which gives them a smaller risk of breaking down.